A downloadable demo for Windows

shroom soup (demo)


You play as Arnika, a gloomy teenage girl.
Perpetually tired, you live off excessive sleep, lime juice, and instant soup.
You look into the vortex forming in your cup of said soup, this time mushroom flavour. Next thing you know, you are in an entirely different world where everything, from buildings to people, is being devoured by fungi.

It seems like you have no choice but to walk on...
Your journey involves exploration, puzzle-solving and battles.


This is a demo of the upcoming free game. It should take 30-60 minutes to complete.
The game is made in RPG Maker 2000, RTP is not required.
Also available in Russian!

(LGBTQ+ themes are prominent in the full game - not so much in the demo.)


The game features sensitive topics such as self-harm, depression, suicidal ideation and implied drug use. The full version has more than that.

There are scenes with flashing images which may be unsuitable for some players, and some art with busy patterns.

Recommended for players who are over 16.

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and double-click "StartWindowed" or "StartFullscreen".
If those shortcuts don't work, run "RPG_RT.exe" in the "Data" folder.
(Don't play directly from the zip file, or the saves won't work!)

The game works natively on Windows. To play on other platforms, you can try tools such as WineBottler (Mac), RPGHub (Mac, Linux?) or EasyRPG (Mac, Linux, Android and more). 


shroom soup DEMO - English.zip 189 MB
shroom soup DEMO - Russian.zip 189 MB
shroom soup DEMO - Portuguese (external link)

Development log


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I absolutely loved this demo, i just came across it a few days ago and i would kill to see this as a full fledged game, the art style is amazing, cute with a sense or morbidity. The main character is someone i can somewhat relate to, and her design is simple, but memorable. I hope one day i can play shroom soup in full! <3

Hi, I downloaded your game for Windows but when I unzip the folder I can't find a start application? There are only 2 shortcut files (that don't open) called StartFullScreen and StartWindowed?

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Hi! If these don't work, go to the "Data" folder and run RPG_RT.exe. They work for most people, but not others, it seems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I actually did try RPG_RT file but it crashed my whole computer. Maybe it's my computer's fault >.<

That's really odd! What happened? Did you get an error message?

this game looks really interesting so far but i was wondering if it has jumpscares? i'm able to handle graphic images, just not loud sounds and i'd really like to play this!

Hi! This game doesn't have prominent jumpscares, no. There might be a few items with unexpected sound effects, but they are not very loud, I think? Let me know if you need more details.


I really enjoyed your game!!! It was super fun and really spoke to me even if it was a short demo it gave off these really good and well made vibes, I really enjoyed it and I hope to see you keep working on it!!! You did a great job can't wait to see what you'll do!


Thank you so much! I am really glad you had a good time ^^ I am working on it, it's going pretty okay! I hope you like the full version as well when it's done.

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This game is pure gold. I absolutely adore RPG Maker games and this has to be one of the best ones I've seen. Seriously. You're up there with OFF and Ib. I love the sarcastic tone to the game, and the suicide references. Also, the fact that the leg hair keeps you warm is hilarious. I can't wait to see what this becomes!! (Also- this is very stupid, but... how do you get it so that everything says demo on the page?)


Oh gosh, thank you so much! This makes me super happy to hear ;^;  I wouldn't dream of being compared with Ib or OFF,  but I'll do my best to make the full game good!
With the demo thing, when you edit your game page, you can set a "custom noun" that itch will use to refer to your game. Hope this helps!

демка замечательная! я буду ждать оффициального релиза с нетерпением.
и у меня вопрос: у всех ли игра только на пол экрана работает? или это только у меня какой-то баг? :0

Спасибо за добрые слова, рад стараться с:
На пол-экрана - это как? о: Стандартное разрешение окна 640х480, если об этом вопрос.

правая часть экрана не видна (затемнена) , а вместе с ним и  текст

Нет, так точно не должно быть о_о Звучит как очень странный баг, впервые слышу...
Должно быть так, как здесь на скриншотах.
На Windows играете или на эмуляторе?

what a wonderful game!! can't wait for the adventure~ and arnika is so cuteˊwˋ

Aaaaa, I think my heart just melted qoq
I will do my best to deliver a fun (and painful) adventure c': Thank you!!

aww... its not available for windows ;w;

Hi, can you tell me exactly what the problem is? This game should work just fine on Windows. I hope I can help.

(If you mean that it's not indicated on itch, I forgot to check the box that says Windows... Just fixed that.)

yeah, it was that, thanks! ill check it out if it works now

Ok, I hope it works for you :>

i really like the game and the background art so i decided to do a fanart speedpaint bc why not. its kinda bad but i did it in under an hour

Hey, this is cool! Thank you :3 Reminds me of the sketches I made for the maps.

Thank you! And no problem, my dude.

I was excited to play the game but its not suitable for windows.. ;-;

What do you mean? It is for Windows (not for other OS, sadly). Is there a problem that is preventing you from running it?

Maybe it is a problem with my computer. Either way i support this game. I love the artstyle

Aww, thank you! <3 Let me know if I can help sort it out, it should work on Windows. There are a few let's plays as well if you'd like to watch it.

i have the same problem, it says its not available for windows

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish once it comes out. If you do not mind, of course. <3

Hi Mel! I am very flattered that you want to translate it, of course you can! <3
You can also contact me if you need to discuss how to better translate certain things. (Can't help with Spanish itself, though, since I don't speak it. But that makes it especially cool to have a translation.)

hell yeah

really great game..a bit confusing at the end but can't wait for the full version

Это было идеально! Рисовка персонажей потрясающая, сюжет интригующий .. что еще сказать? это шедевыр :D
очень жду продолженияя. вдохновения вам, автор1!
( концовка демо с грибочками топ ) п.с. Хотела спросить, в конце, когда гг оббеденилась с теми двумя парнями, почему их не видно? сори за тупые вопросы

Спасиииибо, рад стараться с:
Насчёт исчезновения парней - во многих пиксельных играх так делают, чтобы не париться с программированием "гусеницы" из людей. Плюс эстетические причины.

Love this art style and the fact that it's pixel! Makes everything better in my opinion, can't wait for the full version. ;D

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This demo was super cool and aesthetically pleasing. Good job, Magnus!!! Love it & congrats!!!